Because we are dedicated exclusively to clear aligners, you will enjoy countless advantages.

Proven results With the clear aligners technique, used in more than seven million patients around the world. You will see your final smile the first day Through the design that 3D simulation technology allows us to do on your first visit. Speedy treatments Thanks to an exhaustive planning our clinical team, exclusively dedicated to invisible orthodontics, will offer you an efficient solution to your needs. Personalized analysis of your smile With an expert team who will offer you the ideal options to improve your health and dental aesthetics. Efficient appointments, from 12am to 8pm, Monday to Saturday From Monday to Saturday, when the majority of the persons have time to visit us.


Your clear aligners treatment from home

Are you living far from our centre? Do you want to enjoy clear aligners advantages? We have the perfect solution for you! You will enjoy your treatment reducing the appointments in our centre. Those phases will be the following:


We scan your mouth. We will inform you about the features, duration and price of your treatment, including everything you need:
  • Appointments
  • Attachments
  • Aligners
  • Auxiliary techniques
  • Retention


After four weeks, we will have your aligners ready, and bond the attachments over your teeth surface. We will give you enough aligners for a period of four months. So, you will can do the treatment comfortably without constant visits to our centre. Four months without visits

STAGE 3- DAY 150

This appointment will be short, about 20-30 minutes and we will do a detailed analysis, necessary adjustments, using all our resources to keep track your aligners:
  • Photos
  • Intraoral 3D scanner
To control with precision if the movement has been the adecuate, and ask for new aligners in case it is necessary.


From stage 3, depending of your clear aligners duration, every four months we will program an appointment to check your teeth movement, its fitting, the proper position of the attachements that control the roots…and you can tell us how your live has improved! So, a basic treatment usually precise 4 visits, a medium treatment 7and advanced or 7/17 up to 10 appointments.


The last appointment will be the same to the normal process with clear aligners: Our clinical team will check with you the achieved objectives and if you are happy, we start the retention phase. To make this, we will put a system to ensure your teeth won´t move again. After your effort, we want the result last a long time! After put the retention system over your teeth, we take photos of your teeth and smile again, so you can see the changes you have experienced. We will be so happy to send you by email, so you can show them to your friends and family!



Like a complement to our clear aligners system, we offer you the two systems minimally invasive to get accelerated your teeth movement:


First system approved by FDA to dental movement acceleration. With a patented technology of SoftPulse movements, it applies small measured vibrations that are transmitted to the teeth and the surrounding bone, increasing celular activity and speeding up the teeth movement. This offers several advantages: Reduction of up to 50% of treatment time. Reduction of nuisance caused by tooth movement up to 71%. It has a mobile application that allows ENLINEA and the user of the device to control its use and reinforce it in those cases in which it is forgotten.


About 50% of the sunlight we receive is near the infrared spectrum. We can´t see it, but it can warm us up. This causes our celular metabolism to actívate and produce chemical energy that our body will use to cure, regenerate and reduce inflammation and pain. This is the basis of ORTHOPULSE technology, to reduce the discomfort associated with dental movement and also to accelerate the use of aligners, changing it up to half the time and reducing the total time of the use of aligners. Universities around the world have tested and valued the operation of this technology, based on the use of athermal lighting for ten minutes a day