We solve your doubts

How will the aligners move my teeth?

The aligners move the teeth to their ideal position using soft and controlled forces. The big difference between fixed braces and clear aligners is that we can decide which force is applied to each tooth individually. At each stage the movement of the teeth has been planned digitally. This produces a very efficient system of application of dental forces and movements.

How long should I wear my aligners?

It is advised to use them for 22 hours a day. This means that they should be removed only for eating and toothbrushing. If I wear braces but I want to wear aligners, can I do it? Yes, in ENLINEA it happens very often, we ust have to remove the brackets and wires and start with the aligners.

What are the advantages of aligners?

Everything. Advantages are countless, here you can see some of the most important for us:
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Total comfort
  • Allows you to know the final result of the smile thanks to a 3D scan
  • No unexpected events or emergencies
  • Removable: perfect for a social event or a work meeting
  • Easy cleaning
  • We know at every moment how long your treatment will last, and so will you!
  • Compatible with metal allergies
  • You can play any sport
  • You can play any musical instrument

What are the aligners made of?

Aligners are made of a biocompatible thermoplastic material for medical use. They are made to measure and fit perfectly to your teeth.

Are aligners guaranteed?

Of course. In ENLINEA we guarantee our aligners; whenever there is a defect (but it never happens!), we replace it for free. We take care that you achieve a great smile.

How often will I have to change aligners?

Normally every 7 to 14 days, depending on the movement to be done. Each set of aligners will generate different force vectors, which at the end of all, we will take the teeth to their perfect place.

Can I correct my malocclusion with aligners?

Aligners and auxilliary techniques help solving 100% malocclusions. No exception.

Is there a maximum age to wear aligners?

No, we have patients of all ages. Our clinical team has treated people from 7 to 80 years old. Age does not matter to have a perfect smile.

What hygiene routine should I follow?

You do not need any extra care. Just brush your teeth well after each meal.

Can I smoke with aligners?

Yes, but it is important to know that tobacco affects the color of the teeth, its harmful components alter the bacterial balance.

Can I speak clearly?

Of course, no patient has difficulties in this sense: you will speak as if you were not carrying anything.

Can I drink?

Of course, you can drink liquids with the aligners on: but remember to brush them three times a day to avoid unnecessary sugar on your teeth.

Will it hurt me?

Clear aligners are very comfortable, since they are made of a biocompatible material, which does not produce allergies or rejections of the organism. At some point you might feel a little pressure but that means your teeth are moving correctly.

Can I speak in public without anyone noticing anything?

Yes, and nobody will notice that you wear orthodontics.

If I am 12 years old can I wear aligners?

In ENLINEA we treat children from 7 years old: we are experts in taking care of the smile of the little ones.

If I wear brackets but I want to wear aligners, could I do it?

Yes, in ENLÍNEA it happens very often, wejust have to remove your brackets and wires and start with the aligners.

Other dentists have told me that my case can only be treated with brackets, is that true?

No: every single case treated with brackets and wires can also be performed with clear aligners.

Can I play football with the aligners on?

Of course, in addition your aligners will be able to protect against any possible blow, no matter if it is football or any other sport.

How long will my treatment last?

It depends on your initial situation, there are cases from 6 months to 22 months. In any case, our goal is to achieve perfection in your smile: whenever you want we can ask for more aligners and improve the result, regardless of the time we have to dedicate to it.

Why do some aligners have lumps?

Depending on each specific orthodontic treatment, some movements require attachments to help the aligner grip the teeth. These attachments are bonded composite, the same color as your teeth, which allow us to create more eficient movement in your teeth and thus shorten your treatment.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing my aligners?

Of course, in ENLINEA while we move your teeth to their correct position you will have a teeth whitening so you can notice the change in your smile: from crooked to align, from yellow to perfect white.

I have gum disease, can I wear aligners?

Yes, as long as we have a favorable report from a periodontist.

Will I have to wear retainers at the end of my treatment?

Forever. In any orthodontic treatment, no matter what technique we use, you will always wear retainers to prevent your teeth from moving in the future.

My brother had some very uncomfortable molds in the past, do I need them?

No, in ENLÍNEA we have the latest technology. We will scan your mouth with light: up to 6000 pictures per second will allow us creating a 3D virtual mold that will allow us to know the perfect position of your teeth so that you bite and smile in the best way. No plaster, no discomfort, no awkward processes: only light, similar to the flash of a camera, to have an exact replica of your mouth.

If I have a space between my central incisors, can aligners put them together?

Of course, currently aligners can generate all kinds of movements, even the most complex.

My neighbor had a bad experience with the aligners

From time to time we face patients with a negative experience of a family member on the aligners in the past. When we explain them the current situation they can see the difference,, so we encourage you to come to visit us and assess your case with our professionals: as we dedicate ourselves exclusively to clear aligners, the results are great.

I would love to treat myself but I will move to Vigo in two months

In ENLÍNEA we have patients from all over the world, and we have developed protocol adapted to this type of people like you, in which visits to our center will be reduced and the check ups of your treatment will be remote: Aligners World.

ENLÍNEA is in the center of the city, where can I park?

We want you to have all the facilities, so we have arranged public car parks at no cost for you: just remember to ask us for a free one hour voucher every time you come to visit us.