Wearing braces can be really uncomfortable. They usually involve a lot of things you can’t do, especially when it comes to eating, kissing your couple or a business meeting!


  • CLEANINGEasy. You take them off and brush
  • AestheticsNobody will see that you are wearing anything
  • FeedingNormal, you take them off to eat
  • PriceSame price as braces
  • DurationIdentical
  • ResultsEqual


  • CLEANINGHard and long process with extra elements
  • DISCOMFORTRubs and wounds on cheeks and lips
  • EstheticMetal and elements distort your smile
  • FeedingDifficult, you stop eating some foods
  • PriceSame price as braces
  • DurationIdentical
  • ResultsEqual

“Thanks to technological developments, today clear aligners are a solution with same time, result and cost as braces… but much more comfortable and hygienic”

How it works

What are clear aligners

Invisible Aligners were born in the United States in 1997. More than 20 years later, they have changed orthodontic world, allowing patients to enjoy the same results as with traditional braces, but in a comfortable, hygienic and aesthetic way, thanks to:

Evolved plastic technology Thanks to constant investment in R&D, light forces are exerted on the teeth each time they are changed, every 7 to 14 days (these times can be reduced with Orthopulse thanks to photobiomodulation).
Composite attachments This tooth-coloured plastic elements allow the aligners to push the teeth roots and ensure a perfect result, both health and aesthetically.
Clincheck software Virtual planning helps us estimating the forces to be applied in every single tooth, thanks to an algorithm based on the more than seven million patients treated with aligners in the world, offering a state-of-the-art result for every person.
Intraoral scanning Our 3D technology creates a virtual map in which movements are planned, being able to consider any condition of every patient, such as crowns, implants, veneers, fillings, gums…

Thanks to this enormous technological development, clear aligners are a perfect solution for any orthodontic need, no matter how complex it is:


Orthodontics with aligners is different: just go ahead with your life and follow these little rules.

  1. Take them off to eat or drink like as always!
  2. To avoid losses, whenever you take them off, keep them in the box we give you at the beginning of the treatment.
  3. Brush your teeth after each meal and put them back on. If you don’t have a brush nearby, rinse them with water and brush when you get home.
  4. Do you have a great event? A wedding? A very special holiday? Once or twice a month, make the exception, leave them at home until you get back home.
  5. If an attachment (plastic we bond on your teeth to control its root) falls off, do not worry: just phone us or send us an email to replace it in the following days.
  6. If our clinical team asks you to wear some type of elastic with the aligners, use it as much as possible: the goal is to shorten the time to reach your perfect smile.
  7. If you lose an aligner, wear the next one… and the next time you come to visit us, tell us how it happened.